Does Snacking Before Bed Cause Weight Gain?

Does Snacking Before Bed Cause Weight Gain?

At Scott’s Protein Balls, we love snacking, but does the timing of your snacks matter? If you are concerned about weight gain, body composition, and metabolic health, you might be surprised to learn that the timing of your meals and snacks matters. However, what works for one person, may not work for another.

Keep reading to determine if you’d benefit from sticking to daytime snacks and skipping evening snacks. Or if healthy night snacks would be a beneficial addition to your routine.

Reasons to Avoid Snacking Before Bedtime

Your metabolism is most active during the day. When you eat most of your calories at night, your body may be more likely to hold on to that fuel instead of burn through it immediately. 

It’s important to consider why you are snacking at night. Here are some reasons to take a closer look at your nighttime eating habit.

  • You are skipping meals during the day. If you notice your hunger is highest in the evening and at night, it’s possible that you aren’t giving your body the nutrition it needs during the day.
  • You are eating because of stress. Perhaps you aren’t physically hungry, but your body is looking for a reliable stress release.
  • You are snacking out of habit. You might be watching TV or scrolling while eating, but you aren’t paying attention to how much you are eating.

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Management

Intermittent fasting is a buzzword these days, but when practiced in gentle ways, it may help with weight management and maintenance over time.

You might be a good candidate for gentle fasting if you are meeting your nutrition needs during the day, your hormones are relatively stable, and you aren’t going through a period of high stress. Consider intermittent fasting as a tool for kicking the midnight snack habit. 

Here’s a simple intermittent fasting schedule: Begin with a 12-hour overnight fast. Stop eating after dinner, and then don’t eat again until breakfast. For example, fast from 7 pm to 7 am.

Blood Sugar Levels – When is Low Blood Sugar and Issue? 

Your blood sugar levels are another factor that can help you determine whether you’d benefit from snacking at night (or not). If your blood sugar is stable and you are sleeping well, then gentle fasting may be an option. 

If your blood sugar isn’t balanced during the day, if you have high blood sugar in the morning, or if you wake up a lot at night, fasting may not be the best option (at least right now). Low blood sugar at night might explain some of these symptoms.

For those with low blood sugar, an evening snack might be beneficial for blood sugar balance and sleep, both of which are important for obtaining a healthy weight.

Best Snacks Before Bed

If you are hungry in the evening, honor your body’s needs and choose a snack. The best snack before bed is one that contains protein. Protein snacks will help prevent blood sugar from dropping at night.

High Protein Snacks

Choose these protein snacks in the evening or add them to your day.

Healthy snack ideas:

  • Small apple with peanut butter
  • Seed crackers and cashew cheese
  • Mixed nuts and dark chocolate
  • Yogurt with hemp seeds and berries
  • Hummus and veggies
  • Chia pudding topped with chunks of 1 Scott’s Protein Ball
  • Scott’s Protein Balls

Scott’s Protein Balls contain nuts, seeds, and quality plant-based protein powder for a high-protein, nourishing snack. Beyond protein, you’ll find them filled with healthy fats, fiber, and tons of flavor, making them a perfect option for healthy late-night snacks or any time you need a little help making it to your next meal.

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