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Because Nutritious and Delicious aren't mutually exclusive!


The Scoop

Scott's Protein Balls are made with 100% plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, all-natural ingredients, and have no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.  Ingredients include oat flour or organic whole grain oats, organic ground flaxseed, organic chia seeds, organic protein powder and either organic agave or organic maple syrup. 

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Peanut Butter Cacao

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Snickerdoodle (Cinnamon)

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Brownie Batter (Nut Free)

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Funfetti (Nut Free)



As a new mom, Scott’s protein balls have been my savior. They are a quick grab and go meal (or snack!). Added bonus- they helped me lose all the baby weight (and then some) in less than a few months.

Nikki D., NYC

I love my breakfast cookie!!

Stevie F., East Hampton NY (Age 4)

A perfect post workout snack. A great way to eat something nutritious and tasteful between meals. Perfect for the whole family!

Mel H., FL

It’s like a healthy vegan peanut butter cup!

Mike S., NY

“Scott Protein Balls are the best! I pair a couple of them with a banana and coffee in the morning, for a quick breakfast for a busy mom! Packed with just the right amount of protein to help me get my day started right!

Charlene S., NY

I always need a little something sweet to eat after lunch and dinner. I used to eat unhealthy desserts. Now I eat one or two of Scott’s Protein Funfetti Balls and my sweet tooth is satisfied!

Erez B., NY

About Us

What makes Scott’s Protein Balls so special? Our healthful eats are a labor of love, plus they taste pretty good, so we’re told. They're packed with all gluten free and plant-based ingredients.

In 2017, my wife Lori, was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, after surgery and treatment, she was able to return to her daily life, but the scare inspired her to fully commit to clean eating and living. What she couldn’t find, though, was a truly healthy and great tasting snack or meal replacement to eat on the go. 

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