Healthy meets delicious

Healthy meets delicious


2017 the wake-up

Lori, my wife, was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, after surgery and treatment, she was able to return to her life, but the scare inspired her to commit to a clean lifestyle.

What she/we couldn’t find, though, was a healthy and great tasting snack that wasn’t highly processed and full of BS.

put to the test

Being very comfortable in the kitchen and committed to our new lifestyle, I decided to create a plant-based all-natural snack for my wife that was tasty and healthy.

After much trial and error with variously sourced ingredients, I landed on a superior tasting protein ball that gave Lori exactly what she felt like she was missing.

in demand

Soon, family and friends couldn't get enough of them too!

What started as a labor of love for my wife had now blossomed into a mission to share this delicious treat with anyone looking for a clean healthy snack.

2020 we're in biz

So with great pride, we launched Scott's Protein Balls - a healthy, fun, snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth and fuel you and your family throughout the day.

Hi, I'm Lori and I'm Scott

simple ask
Clean Snacks

We stand for the small things - in life and in our products - and realize simple acts have major impact.

We believe in a bigger purpose. By working on ourselves personally and as a company, we know that we can create the change we want to see.

We interact with customers as family. Our products were born out of a labor of love and we recognize the importance of connection.

We minimize our footprint by using organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

We contribute to our community by donating our gifts.


Brand Pillars


When it comes to creating products, we like to think of ourselves as a constant work in progress. Of the many advantages that come with owning our own production, which includes having control over ingredients and sustainable practices, Scott’s unique ability to innovate is a great one.

When we have an idea for a new product or flavor that we would like to make a reality, we jump on it!


Caring for the planet is all of our responsibility. Sustainability means meeting today's needs in a way that doesn’t come at the expense of tomorrow.

We believe that companies are the ones who must step it up! The bulk of responsibility for the future health of the planet falls on large companies reducing their footprints. Scott's may be a small company, but we’re mighty in our mission to be a leader in the world of sustainable food. Sustainability also plays an integral role in the fight against climate change.


Clean ingredients take work. Lots of work. But we don’t lose our minds over it. Our mission is to make the tastiest snacks in the world from the highest quality ingredients.

How do we do that? By thoroughly vetting our vendors, taking special care to source from the world’s best and cleanest.

From the midwestern United States, to Brazil, the Philippines, and more, our partners follow modern, sustainable farming practices that are better for our ingredients and for the planet.


You can't see through our packaging, but you can see through our process. We control every single ingredient that goes into them.

That means:

  • no GMOs
  • no refined sugar
  • no refined salts
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial flavors or colors
  • no hydrogenated oils

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