Healthy Tips to Keep You Going in 2023

Healthy Tips to Keep You Going in 2023

Starting a new year can be overwhelming! Welcome to the world of Scott’s Protein Balls to set you on the right path for 2023!

Let’s face it: as we enter the new year, we all have high hopes for starting new things and tackling our resolutions. However, the facts are that 64% of us abandon resolutions after one month. So, what’s the best way to increase our chances of success? Take baby steps and go easy on yourself. In fact, resolutions don’t have to be engraved in gold by January 1st. Success is more likely if you make little steps toward bigger goals. Most resolutions focus on weight loss and exercise. Studies have also found that people tend to make the same resolutions year after year. So, how do you succeed in making long-term changes that stick? You make a list, get started and take it one day at a time. Change doesn’t come easy, so be kind to yourself if you get off track. Then revisit your list again and start over. It only takes three weeks to create a habit, hang in there!

Below are some of our suggestions intended to inspire, educate, and motivate as we ring in the new year.

Fact: At Scott’s Protein Balls we believe in including plant-based foods in our approach to eating. But it must be the right plant-based foods. Americans consume a 70% plant-based diet, yet we still feel tired. Over 80% of plant-based foods still include refined sugars and refined oils and even refined grains. That means that the majority of the plant based foods we’re eating are processed foods. Wow! That’s a lot of junk you don’t need. At Scott’s Protein Balls, we keep it real. We don’t use fillers, additives, dyes, or toxic ingredients in our balls. Plus, our dessert-like flavors will help you stay on track and away from the processed foods.

Fun: It’s important to shake up your routine. Are you usually a late riser? Try new rituals that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Do you usually order take-out? Start experimenting with new, healthy recipes or find the take-out places that focus on healthier ingredients. Little changes spark bigger changes. If you usually go to the gym solo, take a boxing or cardio class and benefit from the group energy.

Fresh: Look for food around the perimeter of the market – where all the fresh vegetables and fruits are located. Scott’s Protein Balls are the only protein ball that is fresh from the fridge. You’ll find us right next to your favorite fruits and veggies. Why grab a hard protein bar from your local deli or near the checkout aisle when you can have something fresh and that doesn’t sit on a shelf for 6 months or more?

Fact: Due to her status as a breast cancer survivor, our founder Lori is passionate about supporting breast cancer research (we donate 1% of sales to BCRF) and her overall health. For 2023 she is committed to including ¼ cup broccoli sprouts in her daily smoothie or salad. Rich in sulforaphane, broccoli sprouts support estrogen detox in the liver and increase antioxidants throughout the body leading to clearer skin, less PMS, steady moods and even breast cancer prevention. Try it out!

Fun: Many of us are navigating new family situations – kids are growing older and so are we, our parents keep aging, and our routines are in constant flux. Of course, for new moms and others, finding balance and changing habits is also a challenge. Start new traditions. If you usually stay home watching movies, go out. If you used to have 10 people at the holiday table and now its five or 20, create new rituals – it’s important. Volunteer, try something new or just play in the snow! Don’t forget to take a bag of Scott’s Protein Balls with you.

Fresh: Need to fuel before a workout? Pop a fresh protein ball in your mouth. It’s a no-brainer to have one of Scott’s Protein Balls to help you power-up your workout. We are all on the go and running on fumes half of the time. Pop a ball in your mouth so you have the energy to keep juggling all of your balls in the air.

Fact: Increase fiber to support microbiome health, metabolism, and happy hormones. A single tablespoon of chia seeds has almost 6 grams of fiber and is easy to add to yogurt, plant-based milk, and smoothies. Other high-fiber options to have on your radar are beets, artichokes, avocados and lentils.

Fun: We all sometimes have a hard time breaking out of our comfort zones. Trying new things is good for your health – both mentally and physically. So get out there and just try something new! You’ll thank yourself afterward and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again. New experiences have been proven to be more life-changing than any material purchases. Don’t be afraid to try a new flavor of Scott’s Protein Balls while you’re at it!

Fresh: Grab real fruit, real vegetables and even a bite of dark chocolate or a handful of almonds. It’s all about thinking before you eat.

Fact: If weight loss is a goal in 2023, don’t skimp on protein: Consume around 1.3g/kg of lean, mostly plant proteins. If you’re strength training, you can even bump that up to 1.5g/kg. Including protein with meals and snacks balances blood sugar so you’re not hunting for more calories.

Fun: Have you gotten stuck? Do you remember what you loved doing when you were younger? Any effort to rediscover an old passion or try a new hobby has positive health benefits.

Fresh: Fall in love again – with yourself! Yes, a new partner if you are single is great, but so is falling in love with yourself or new hobbies. This is just as important as falling in love with new snacks that ultimately change your daily routine and your life.

Fact: We focus so much on what to eat, but often forget how we are eating. Take 4 long, deep breaths before meals to light your digestive fire and calm stress hormones talking while you sit, listen, and ground yourself.

Begin every day by asking yourself how you can feel more aligned with yourself, and you’ll reap positive vibes regardless of what happens in your day.

Small changes add up to big change over time and, in the meantime are easier to stick to. Here’s to finding a path that is realistic, enjoyable, and nourishing for the long term! And filled with Scott’s Protein Balls!

  • Lori Levine is an eternal optimist and after undergoing breast cancer treatment, she learned she had to upgrade her snacks to upgrade her health. She and her husband Scott became accidental entrepreneurs after he lovingly created quality protein balls made from tasty, easily recognizable ingredients that are as convenient as they are healthy and delicious! Even better? 1% of all sales are donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to help support breast cancer research. #betheend.