Is Oat Flour Worth the Hype? Oat Flour Benefits

Is Oat Flour Worth the Hype? Oat Flour Benefits

Here’s the short: yes, oat flour is worth the hype! Keep reading to find out more about oat flour benefits.

This article will cover:

  • Oat flour nutrition
  • Is oat flour gluten-free?
  • Oat flour vs. almond flour
  • Oat flour vs. coconut flour
  • Is oat flour healthy?
  • Do oats boost metabolism?
  • Are oats good for hormone balance?
  • Are oats good for the immune system?

Let’s dive in!

Oat Flour Nutrition

Oat flour is rolled oats ground into flour. It’s a whole grain, whole food, and contains all parts of the whole oat seed.

Oats, Avena sativa, are primarily considered a complex carbohydrate but also contain small amounts of protein and fat. They are high in fiber, a nutrient most of us need more of. Most of the fiber is soluble fiber, which provides many health benefits attributed to oats, including blood sugar and heart health support.

Oats are also a good source of vitamins (primarily vitamin B1), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and more), and bioactive compounds (including antioxidants).

Is Oat Flour Gluten Free?

Oats are a gluten-free grain; they don’t inherently contain any gluten proteins. However, commercial oats are often contaminated with gluten mainly because of shared harvesting, storage, and packaging equipment.

For gluten-sensitive people, it’s important to choose certified gluten-free oat flour to avoid contamination.

Oat Flour Vs. Almond Flour: Flavor and Texture 

Oat flour is a popular, versatile flour used in gluten-free baking. Baking with oat flour produces baked goods with a mild flavor and refined texture. 

Almond flour is another popular flour used in gluten-free baking and protein balls. Almond flour is higher in protein but has a coarser texture and nuttier flavor.

Oat Flour Vs. Coconut Flour: Flavor and Texture 

Coconut flour is another popular gluten-free flour. Coconut flour is made by removing the fat from coconut meat. It produces a dense texture and coconut flavor. 

Possible Oat Flour Health Benefits - Are Oats Good For:

Beta-glucans are a soluble fiber found in whole oats and oat flour, which help stabilize blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, support gut health, and more. Many of the health benefits attributed to including oats in your diet are attributed to the nutritional content of oats, including beta-glucans.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Carbs provide energy, and fiber helps produce satiety, a sense of fullness. The high fiber content of carbs helps slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream, boosting metabolism and stabilizing energy.

Weight Loss 

Many health experts recommend oats for weight loss. Oats help stabilize blood sugar, produce satiety, and support digestive health, all contributing to a healthy metabolism. Beta-glucans are a prebiotic, meaning they provide a food source for beneficial bacteria in the gut. Shifting bacterial balance is one way to support metabolic health and weight loss. 

Hormone Balance 

All hormone systems are connected. Balancing blood sugar and the hormone insulin may help to balance thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormones. In addition, the fiber in oats helps remove metabolized estrogen from the body. 

Immune System Booster

Beta-glucans are also an immune system booster. Most of the immune system is in the gut, and this fiber interacts with the microbiome and gut-associated immune tissue. Research suggests beta-glucans help enhance and balance the immune system and reduce susceptibility to infections.

Oat Flour and Blood Sugar Levels 

Glycemic load is a tool to help explain how quickly a serving of carbohydrate food (like oats) will raise blood sugar levels. Because oat flour is a whole grain and fiber-rich, it has a lower glycemic load than many other baking flours.

One downside of glycemic load is that it doesn’t account for the fact that we eat mixed meals. Adding protein and healthy fat to your oat flour, as seen in Scott’s Protein Balls, helps reduce the blood sugar response even more.  

Cinnamon Lowers Glycemic Load of Baked Goods 

Many baked goods contain oats and cinnamon, and not just for the delicious flavor. Including cinnamon in baked goods, meals, and snacks helps improve blood sugar balance. 

Here at Scott’s, every ingredient has a purpose. We use oat flour in our protein ball recipes for the flavor, texture, and health benefits described here. We use high-quality, certified gluten-free oats to make oat flour and combine it with plant proteins and healthy fat. You’ll even find cinnamon in our Snickerdoodle protein balls and our new Cinnamon Bun protein balls. The result is delicious, balanced snacks to fuel your active, healthy lifestyle.

  • Lori Levine is an eternal optimist and after undergoing breast cancer treatment, she learned she had to upgrade her snacks to upgrade her health. She and her husband Scott became accidental entrepreneurs after he lovingly created quality protein balls made from tasty, easily recognizable ingredients that are as convenient as they are healthy and delicious! Even better? 1% of all sales are donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to help support breast cancer research. #betheend.